Role of the Skipper

  • Skippers responsibility

A skipper is in charge of sailing the boat, but if there are no other crew members on board, jobs also include maintaining the boat, making all necessary small repairs during the sail, taking care of the paperwork in marinas, transferring the boat from one marina to the other between the charters and other. A skipper can also provide you various useful advice, point out some interesting places for you to visit or things to do, answer most of your questions and show you a thing or two about navigating and sailing a boat.

The skipper’s main responsibility is to sail the yacht and taking care of the safety of the crew.

Overall safety and pleasurable sailing mostly depend on good organisation, assigning duties and good relationship between the guests as well as between the guests and the skipper. Since you’ll be spending at least a week together at sea, it is important that you compromise and show respect for each other.

A skipper holds an official yachting license and can provide knowledge on the local area. They can help to book restaurants and onshore activities and have firsthand knowledge of all of your destinations.

  • What is your role

When you hire a skipper, remember that you have to save a berth for them and provide their food. Skippers spend most of the time on board and always have plenty to do, so they do not have much time to cook meals for themselves, so this should be taken care of regardless if you are eating on board or dinning out. If you want your privacy, the skipper doesn’t always have to eat with you.

As the job of the skipper is very important for the safety of the crew and the yacht it is required to keep him/her rested and not request unnecessary activities (i.e. night sailing) unless otherwise agreed with them.


Role of a hostess

  • Hostess responsibility

Primary duties of a hostess are taking care of the cleanliness and tidiness inside of the boat, and, if there is no chef, she is also in charge of preparing meals.

A hostess is in charge of keeping the boat tidy, cooking and groceries shopping. A hostess is required to make breakfast and light lunch each day (unless agreed differently with the hostess) while also serve drinks throughout the day.

A hostess is also here to answer all of your questions and help you with advice. Hostess are, in the most cases, educated and well informed with the recent events, so they can help you, answer on your questions, and explain lots of things regarding the local rules and traditions.

  • What is your role

When you hire a hostess you have to save a berth for them and provide their food.